04 June 2009


You will be redirected to my new blog in 10 seconds time! relink me people!

01 June 2009

Short update.

I've updated my class blog like finally. Click here to view it. Specially for the class.

I'm still making headway on my new blogskin and I can say, it's not progressing very well. Maybe I'm stuck with this skin even after I go in NS on friday.

oh well, off to school now..

31 May 2009


I seriously thought i'll be able to blog by tonight but it's seems like transfering the photos are a major pain in the ass, it's really taking it's own sweet time!

Till tomorrow then!

24 May 2009

dumplings filled

When your mum's making dumplings for the dumplings festival, and you realise there's nothing much you can help her. SUPPORT HER!

14 May 2009

Mahjong Galore

A long overdued post that I have yet to post about. The mahjong session I had with my DTs. Postponed a couple of times until we can finally set a date unanimously that all 4 of us are free. They are busy people, so am I. Well, actually I'm not, but I'm just following suit. *shrugs*

All gathered at Kaiyi's house. I really liked the way her house was decorated and the interior is just amazing. Simplicity with a tinge of sophistication. I wish I have a room like that, but oh well, can't do anything about it until the day I get myself an apartment.
No pictures to justify my words though.

Kaiyi's house was everything well, but lacked of one thing. Mahjong table. We didn't really gave much thought as of how and where are we going to play mahjong cause they were in her room chit chatting and I was still having my dinner.

Just as we,




and obviously me was about to start cracking our brains as of where and how do we play mahjong. Kaiyi's father BOUGHT back a new mahjong table. Very stunned by Kaiyi's father's kind gesture. That, right there, just solved all our problems. Kudos to Kaiyi's father, we have a comfortable table to play.

After spending sometime setting up the table, counting the chips and decides who sits where, the game begins. Going to skip through all those lengthy description.

In the end, Huiqin is the biggest winner

and her biggest winning tiles. 4 folds.

Kaiyi and

I are the biggest loser.

I can't believe Kaiyi's still so happy after losing.
*Actually this picture was taken WAY before we start our game. I just thought it's kind of interesting to add this picture into this post. My reader's pleasure ( that includes YOU! Kaiyi ) was built on your misery. I don't think Kaiyi would mind la, Kaiyi very steady one right? But if you are angry, must tell me ah. I will remove it. HEH*

Kaiyi's, Jazsica's and Huiqin's rendition of this fateful event.

I haven't got much luck in winning mahjong until like last saturday. I believe I'm slowly picking up. Here's a brief description of my winning tiles from last saturday with Robin, YingZheng and Jeremy.

Status : 'Zhuang'
Streaks : 'Dong feng', 'Hong Zhong', worm, chicken and rat. Full 5 folds.

They see my card so big, they die die also mark me so that I won't win. Who knows. I'm the person to take the LAST TILE (as you can see from the picture below, infront all no more tiles left except for flower). And so it begins. I took the last tile, it's a flower. So naturally I 'bu hua' (take flower). And there it is, my winning tile, 3 of bamboo.

'Zi mo, ban se (Self draw, half colour) , Hai di lao yue (win by last tile)'

They see my tiles, they KEK until cannot cause they already did everything to guard me.

Mahjong this Saturday. HUAT AH!

06 May 2009


I'm really getting sick of my attachment. I never imagine that I would say these words but I hope time will pick up its pace, let me end my attachment and just throw me into the army.

I hate to see it the way it is. My efforts went unrecognised. I was treated as a mere cheap labour doing shit job for them. I kept to myself. Telling myself to stick to what I should be doing. Stick to the task, complete it and everything will go well.
Thank to my naive thoughts, I was taken for granted. Literally.

I completed my task at hand and because of my lazy assed fellow attachment student. He can't complete his task on time and now I have to complete it for him? That's just bullshit. He thought he could laugh it off. Thinking I would, at a twist of fate. Well I guess he just have to kiss my big fat ass that I would agree and finishing his leftover unfinished task. I'm not a backstabber by nature. But if you cross the line, I will make damn sure I'm going to cause you misery.

Things ain't going well for me. I think staying at home will be a good choice. I'm pretty reclusive by nature.

05 May 2009

Self Explanation?

Computer made itself scarce from my life again. Something got to do with the graphics card. Can't be bothered anymore.

Screwed myself up to a point where redemption is futile. What can I do and what is there to be done to make myself learn the lesson?

How far can contentment bring you?
Obviously not very far.

How long can an err remain scarred?
For the rest of your life.

A question I kept asking myself but not that prolific.

Just exactly how much more I can take?